About This Author

Paul is an aspiring author in the field of cult research and public education on the mechanics and tactics of abusive cults. Being the beneficiary of nearly two years of research on the Star's Edge "Avatar Course" cult run by ex-Scientologist and debunked "educational psychologist" Harry Palmer, his eventual project will be a full book exposing the cult, presented in a way that others can recognize cult phenomenon in the hundreds of similar groups that have sprung up since the 70s.

He is always open to communicate with the predominantly reclusive members of the "Avatar Network" for accuracy and fairness in his writing, but the company running the organization mandates that press or other potentially negative parties receive information only from the company itself, usually in the form of glowing testimonials excluding any factual answers to questions. He is also looking for ex-members and accounts of family who feel existing members who became involved have lost control of their money, life direction, and mental health.